100Days Of Love Movie Review & Rating

Cast and Crew :

Starring : Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon
Directed By : Jenuse Mohammad
Produced By : K.V. Vijay Kumar
Music : Govind Menon
BGM : Bijibal
Cinematography : Pratheesh Varma
Language : Telugu and Malayalam

Movie Description :
Both our salman and nitya are acted in the film OK BANGARAM and that movie is directed by maniratnam he is known popular for the love stories and in that movie OK BANGARAM chemistry betwwn the hero and heroine was excellent and now they again joined together in that film 100 days of love.

Gorgeous beauty nithya menon is going to take her Haatrik hit movie in her career OK BANGARAM,24 with this two movies nithya is in full farm and she is having full hope on her new movie 1000 days of love is and this movie is coming with a good content and a pure love story.

In this movie Dulqer salman(hero) is known as BALAN and nithya(heroine) is known as SHEELA they both meet in a taxi and then sheela forgets her bag in the taxi when seeing sheela in the taxi immediately balan falls in love with her and finds her by using the clues in her and then they met in coinsidance in a hospital and then Balan gets shock by our nithya behavior and the movie from here starts with the comedy and with thier love so simply this movie will be super love feel movie.

Plus points:
1. NITHYA performance
2. Second movie of hero and heroine
3. Music
4. Background score
5. cinematography

Minus points:
1. laagging of love story
2. Over sentiment

Final Word :

The movie is complete Youthfull entertainer.

Review & rating : 2.75/5

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