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Karam Dosa Movie Character Details

Karam Dosa, the Telugu comedy film Directed by Trivikram Gujalapalli. This movie is getting day by day hype by the director’s pakka planning promotions, coming to the movie Karam Dosa is one of the Telugu Dramatic comedy film produced on Veenaa Vedika Production Pvt.Ltd. Ramachandravarapu Shivakumar is acting in the lead role in this movie, Venkayala Satyanarayana actor cum director and Y.Kasi Viswanadh these both are playing important roles in this movie. Suresh Ur’s the National Film Awarde worked as Editor of this movie. This movie is going HIT the screens as 2016 last and best comedy dramatic film.

The important part of every movie are songs, So for this movie music is composed by the Siddarth Watkins to be said Background music will be highlight of this movie. One of the songs in this movie is sung by the wonderful singer Hemachandra as it was the title song of this movie.

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